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056 - Clinochlore        $75.00
Brinton's Quarry - Type Locality
Westtown Township 
Chester County, PA 
3.5" X 2.7" (89mm x 68mm) 
Theodore Rand Collection, Bryn Mawr
057 - Andalusite   SOLD
Worrall Farm circa 1871
Marple Township 
Delaware County, PA 
2" X 1.75" (48mm x 44mm) 
ex. Martin Anne Collection
059 - Cuprite      $150.00
Cornwall (Iron) Mine
Cornwall, Cornwall Twp.
Lebanon County, PA
2.5" X 2.5" x 0.5" (62mm x 60mmx12mm)
Solid thin mass, Ex. Steven Chamberlain
062 - Corundum, Margarite      $150.00
Corundum Hill
Unionville, Newlin Township
Chester County, PA
2" x 1.7" (49mm x 44mm)
ex. Delaware County Science Institute
064 - Microcline var. Amazonite   $35.00
Mineral Hill
Elwyn, Middletown Township
Delaware County, PA
3" x 1.25" (79mm x 32mm)
Lustrous cleavage of Amazonite
068 - Quartz var. Jasper       $45.00

Shimerville, Upper Milford Twp.
Lehigh County, PA
3.5" X 2.5" (90mm x 65mm)
Ex. University of Utah, Foote label
071 - Blue Quartz      SOLD
Keystone Trap Rock Quarry 
Cornog, Wallace Township
Chester County, PA
4.5" X 3.5" (110mm x 85mm)
072 - Galena, Ankerite   $75
Ecton Mine
Perkiomen, Lower Providence Twp.
Montgomery County, PA
3.5" X 3" (88mm x 76mm)
081 - Anglesite       $350.00
Wheatley Mine
Phoenixville, Schuylkill Township
Chester County, PA
5/8" xl (16mm)
 ex Berlin Natural History Museum

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