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New Minerals added September 17, 2020
A complete suite from the Wheatley Mines including Anglesite, Calcite, Cerussite, Galena, Pyromorphite and Wulfenite,
as well as other classics from the collections of
Robert Weaver, Martin Anne, C. Carter Rich and William Lorah


         Almandine/Spessartine, Delaware County, PA - ex. C. Carter Rich Collection

Pennsylvania Rock Clubs!

  • Visit the Club Page for an extensive listings of a Rock, Mineral, Lapidary or Pale-ontological Club Near You!
  •  Not Listed on our Rock Clubs Page?  Please visit the Club Page and fill out the information form provided!  We are waiting to hear from You!


Call for Pennsylvania Minerals

We are in need of Pennsylvania Mineral Specimens!  We will buy or trade individual specimens or entire collections.  If you have minerals from Pennsylvania that you wish to trade or sell please contact us.


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We are very pleased to offer MATRIX, Volume 1 through Volume 12, Number 1.


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Single Issue Price Volumes Three through Twelve - $7.50 plus postage

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Fluorapatite, Actinolite - Keystone Trap Rock Quarry, Cornog, PA