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MATRIX - Volume Three - Issues 1-2

Volume 3 Number 1  Jan. - February 1993
"A Remarkable Mineral Region: A Visit to Brinton's Serpentine Quarries
W. C. Brinton
Portrait Gallery: Charles H. Pennypacker 1845–1911  
Jay L. Lininger
The Benld Meteorite
Jay L. Lininger
Cataract and Wide West Mining Company
Norman Wilson
The Over-Montgomery Correspondence (Part 13)"

Volume 3 Number 2  March - April 1993
"Hardship on the Copper Frontier:
Development of Michigan's Cliff Mine (1845–1870)   
Paul ChrastinaPortrait Gallery: Douglass Houghton 1809–1845  
Robert L. Fox
Gold Hill and Virginia Tunnel and Milling Company
F. J. Monteagle
The Grove Street Cemetery
Jay L. Lininger
The Over-Montgomery Correspondence (Part 14)"


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Issues 2-4

Volume 3 Number 3-4  Summer 1994
"A Search For Bridgewater Station Titanites
Carter Rich
The Peabody Museum Meteorite Collection: A Historic Account
Barbara L. Narendra
Professor Charles Palache: A Tribute
Arthur Montgomery
The Search For Radio Grade Quartz in the Southern Appalachian Region
Jay Lininger
The Crystal Bearing Churches of Southern Virginia
Jay Lininger
The Skidoo Mines Company
Albert Schumate
The San Francisco Stock Exchange Association
Charles A. Fracchia"

Volume 3 Number 5-6  Fall 1994
"The Mineralogy of Maryland: A Historical Sketch
Jay L. Lininger
A History of Chromite and Copper in Maryland: The Tyson Years
Sally NewcombA Brief History of the Copper Mine at Bare Hills, Maryland
Herbert C. Moore
Maryland GOLD
Walter A. Goetz
The Minerals of Frostburg
Jay L. Lininger
William Keith’s Copper Mine:
Prelude to the Maryland-Pennsylvania Border War  
Paul Chrastina Catoctin Furnace in the Eighteenth Century: The Silver Mystery
Jay L. Lininger
The Porter Chemical Company: Catalyst for Young Mineralogists
Sandra J. KingFlorence Bascom: The Stone Lady
Jay L. Lininger
The Maryland Gold Company
Walter A. Goetz" 


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