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MATRIX - Volume Seven - Issues 1-2

Volume 7 Number 1 Spring 1999
"BRYCE McMURDO WRIGHT, Father and Son, 50 Years of Mineral Dealing, 1845-1895
Part I: B.M. Wright Sr.
Michael P. Cooper
A Tribute: William Walter Jefferis
Anna E. Jefferis
The Hamme Brothers Tungsten Mine
Joseph A. Dague
The Legendary Luther Thomas: Miner, Mineralogist, Artist and Philosopher
Jay Lininger
A Reminiscense of Luther Thomas
John S. White"

Volume 7 Number 2 Summer 1999
"The Legacy of Bryce McMurdo Wright, Father and Son, 50 Years of Mineral Dealing, 1845-1895
Part II: B. M. Wright Jr.
Michael P. Cooper
“I Owe My Soul To The Company Store” A Brief History of Mining Scrip
G. Robert Gannis
The Bay State Mine Story: Scrip is the Remaining Souvenir of a Failed Company
Thomas S. LaMarre
Moses Austin and the Founding of the Virginia - Missouri Lead Industry
Part I: The Virginia Years Mary Kegley and Jay Lininger"


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Issues 3-4

Volume 7 Number 3 Fall 1999
Mica Mining at North Carolina’s Sink Hole from Prehistoric Times to the Sputnik Era
Peter R. Margolin
The Sterlingbush Calcite Cave Reconstruction of the New York State Museum, Albany, New York
Stephen L. Nightingale
A One Hundred and Five Year History of “The Mineral Collector”
Vandall T. King
Moses Austin and the Founding of the Virginia-Missouri Lead Industry
Part II: The Missouri Years
Dan Weinrich and Jay Lininger
The End of an Era on the Last Day of the Millenium"

Volume 7 Number 4  Winter 1999 - 2000
"A Mineralogical Odyssey: The Life and Times of Louis Moyd
Jay L. Lininger
Some Little-Known History of a Pennsylvania Amethyst Occurrence: Rediscovering Smedley’s Last Amethyst Mine
J. Roger Mitchell
The Tortured Travels of a California Gold Specimen
Jay L. Lininger"


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